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The IDDA be surveys members to determine trends in the media duplication industry.

IDDA member participants will be sent the results.

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Many IDDA members were at the MediaTech conference on 19-20 April 2012 in Las Vegas.

This was be a valuable opportunity to meet and talk to your peers in the media duplicating industry.

Discuss disc and flash memory duplication, and also how some duplicators have added new services to their business model.

At our last meeting there were discussions on the results to a survey made in April 2010 on subjects such as:

Changes and trends in disc duplicating, and the ratio of CD to DVD duplication and how prices for duplication services have changed.

How the flash duplication business changed relatively over the last 12 months?

New marketing tools to promote your business?

What duplicators think about Blu-ray duplication?

How replicating changed and by what degree and why?

Has duplicating business been lost to downloading?

How duplicators can plan to move their business forward?

What does the future hold for duplicators?

These conferences are an opportunity to meet and talk to peers in the media duplicating industry. Sharing ideas from others who face the same challenges make these meetings not just worthwhile, but essential in these challenging times.

Membership is open to anyone whose business is involved in any way with media duplication of CD, DVD and Flash. We are here to:

  • To test & disseminate information on products between members.
  • To work with suppliers on meeting the needs of the members.
  • To reduce the distribution of unlicensed recordable discs, and to reduce the license charge on recordable media.
  • To promote technologies that can lead to growth of disc duplicating and associated industries.
Benefits of Membership
  • Meet and share experiences and problems with other members at our conferences.
  • Members agree to maintain ethical standards, and clients can expert members to maintain standards.
  • Members can take advantage of suppliers' special offers.
  • Advertise your products and services to members.
  • Members are able to recommend clients to other members in different areas.

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  • May 2010
  • "Rose Patent" demand letter received by USA duplicators. Suggest you go to This threat to duplicators using card shaped discs in the USA seems to have abated.
  • Market Conditions Surveys
  • Receive the results of our member's survey of market conditions, predictions and suggestions by participating in our survey.
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Previous News

The IDDA presented a conference during Media-Tech 2009 Frankfurt on 23 April 2009.

Some of the sessions were recorded and thanks to Franco Leoni now appear in Facebook HERE.


March 15, 2007

IDDA presented successful programs at MEDIA-TECH Showcase & Conference,

October, Long Beach, CA, Barcelona March 2007, and May 15-16 2007 in Long Beach, CA.  more information...

23 October 2006

IDDA and MEDIA-TECH Association agree to collaboration

The International Disc Duplicating Association (IDDA), which represents the digital content media duplicating industry has agreed to join forces with the Media-Tech Association (MTA) which represents the optical disc media manufacturing industry.

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