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CD-ROM Services Pty Ltd is associated with YesVideo Pty Ltd, with whom we share premises.

YesVideo technology is the best way to view your home movies. YesVideo convert your VHS tapes, 8mm sound and silent film to the highest quality professional MPEG-2 DVD that will play on your home DVD player or computer. Your old home videos on DVD will thrill friends and family You can rest assured that your YesVideo DVD will last a lifetime without degradation of image quality. This fully automated process includes 54 automatically generated chapter points and a menu that makes it easy to navigate your YesVideo DVD.

YesVideo Features:

  • Up to 2 hours of video for the low price of only $59.95*.
  • 54 Automatically placed scene-based chapters as an interactive menu on the DVD and printed with visual 'thumbnails' on the DVD cover.
  • Copies that are identical to the original (unlike videotape copies of videotapes), for only $19.95 each*.
  • Highest quality, variable bit-rate MPEG-2 encoding.
  • Play as many times as you like without any degradation in quality.
  • Optional YesVideo Digital Scrapbook software that allows you to edit, add titles, add music, and extract images from your video.
  • Conversion from a wide variety of videotape formats including:
    VHS Video 8 Mini DV
    VHS-C Hi 8 DVCAM
    S-VHS Digital 8 Betamax

Other formats are also available. We can even create YesVideo DVDs from your old Super 8, Standard 8 and 16 mm movie films and 35 mm slides.
With the release of Super 8 the film, now is a good time to remind parents, grandparents and even great grandparents to look for those old Super 8 (Super8), 8mm and 16mm films and have them converted to DVD to preserve your family memories.
Cost is $79.95 setup plus 22 cents per foot.

* Additional charges apply for transfer from other video formats and film.

* Phone us to discuss discounts for quantity.

Conversion from PAL videotapes to NTSC (for North American televisions) is available at no extra charge.

Call us on 02 9959 3472 and ask for Michael or go directly to the YesVideo website..

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