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Mono Thermal Printing

  • Mono thermal printing, usually just black, is produced by using minute amounts of heat (that's why its called thermal printing) to the transfer the images from a carbon coated ribbon to the disc surface. CD-ROM Services have over 2 dozen automatic specialist Rimage thermal printers, that can either burn, burn and print, or just print your disc automatically. Black thermal printing is the best process for printing archival discs.
  • The printable area of the disc: 116 mm X 116 mm.
  • Allow for a 40 mm circle in the centre of the disc – we CANNOT print in this area.
    ( The ribbon creases when it is trying to transfer ink to a large area which affects your print.)
  • Do not allow your artwork to extend beyond the specified template area, ie; do NOT supply artwork with bleed, or place a square image onto the template without cutting it to size.
  • Artwork needs to be at least 300 dpi. Images from a website are NOT suitable. (Screen resolution is only 72 dots per inch and print resolution is 300 dots per inch. If we try to print from the web at 72 dpi the result is an unprofessional, fuzzy print with unreadable text.)
  • Make sure you supply your artwork with relevant images and fonts, or outline the fonts.
  • Do not use colour images or coloured text. Solid black or 16 shades of grey scale only.
  • Photographic images are not always suitable –Rimage monochrome printing does not reproduce photographic detail accurately.
  • Please make sure the keylines (template circles) on your artwork are NOT printable, or can be easily removed. (Our templates have the keylines set for viewing and positional purposes only.)
  • Any text smaller than 5pt may be illegible.
  • Silver DVD-R have a double layered surface which will give a slight reflection of your print. This does not happen with CD-R!
  • The Rimage is capable of printing an individual bar code or serialised number on each disc, at extra cost.
  • It is possible to overprint pre-screenprinted discs with customised information.
  • Please supply your artwork in one of the following programs or formats - Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Corel Draw, Powerpoint or a PDF with fonts and images embedded.
  • We can accept high-res JPGs as long as the artwork is setup correctly, as we cannot make any adjustments to JPG files.
  • We can also accept artwork created on MAC however fonts are not transferable to Windows unless outlined.
  • CD-ROM Services policy is not to print customer supplied media, as we cannot be sure that the media is compatible with our printing process.

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