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Colour Laserkote Printing

  • The printable area of the disc: 118 mm X 118mm.
  • Two sizes are available in Laserkote:
  • - printing with a large centre circle of 41 mm.
    - printing with a small centre circle of 17mm.
  • If we are printing with the Laserkote that has a 41mm centre, then the label prints up to the edge of the clear circle in the centre of the disc.
  • If we are printing with the Laserkote that has a 17 mm centre, then the label prints over the clear circle, up to the physical small hole in the centre of the disc.
  • This means that you need to extend the area of your disc artwork beyond the template border so it is not exactly the same size as the template. The area beyond the template (the bleed) will not print, but it ensures that the disc print does not have edges of white label showing. (The label pages will move around a few mm as they go through the printer.)
  • Artwork needs to be at least 300dpi. Images from a website are NOT suitable. (screen resolution is only 72 dots per inch and print resolution is 300 dots per inch. If we try to print from the web at 72 dpi the result is an unprofessional, fuzzy print with unreadable text.)
  • Make sure you supply your artwork with relevant images and fonts, or outline the fonts.
  • Please make sure the key lines (template circles) on your artwork are NOT printable, or can be easily removed. (Our templates have the key lines set for viewing and positional purposes only.)
  • Laserkote is printed CMYK, not PMS, but it can be quite accurate at matching some PMS colours.
  • We cannot print metallic or fluorescent colours with Laserkote.
  • Although our graphic designers are extremely capable, remember that you are printing on a disc, so the result will not be exactly the same as paper. Also every printer, even of the same brand prints a little differently, so precise colour matching is not always possible.
  • To achieve a rich, dark black please ensure black areas are 100%C + 100%Y + 100%M + 100%K. (ie; do not have 100%K (black) and no percentage of the other colours)
  • Please supply your artwork in one of the following programs or formats - Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Quark Express or a PDF with fonts and images embedded.
  • We can accept high-res jpgs as long as the artwork is setup correctly, as we cannot make any adjustments to jpg files. We can also accept artwork created on Apple Macintosh however fonts are not transferable to Windows unless outlined.

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