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Specifications for Audio CD masters

Supply your disc as you would like it to play

The master audio CD should be supplied with tracks in the correct sequence, ready to play. We can re-arrange your masters, and can also edit your audio, but extra charges will apply, and you will have to allow extra time to check any re-mastered discs.

Check your content

We spot-check all audio CD masters, but we are unable to thoroughly check audio CDs before burning. Check that there are no glitches resulting from a bad burn. Check also that the spacing between tracks is correct.

Check Copyright

Unless you own the copyright on both the performance and the content, you will need to show us that you have written permission from the copyright owner, or a licence from AMCOS, the Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners' Society. See our Copyright page for more details.

Alternative audio formats

If you are unable to supply an audio CD, a data CD or DVD master, you can also supply audio on the following formats (additional charges and additional turnaround time may apply):

In order for us to complete your duplication job accurately, unless you supply us with a ready-to-duplicate disc, you must check the master disc before we proceed.

DAT (Digital Audio Tape):

  • DATs may be sampled at 32, 44.1 or 48 kHz, but for highest quality transfer to CD, 44.1 kHz is preferred.
  • Please use new tapes where possible.
  • Please record silence for at least 30 seconds before the start of the first track of audio.
  • Start IDs should be present to indicate where you want tracks to change on the CD.

Mini Disc:

  • You should have tracks on the Mini Disc correspond to where you want the tracks on the CD.
  • Standard Play is preferred, but Long Play (MDLP2 or MDLP4) is available. HI-MD is currently not available. If you have a HI-MD disc to be transferred, you will also need to supply a HI-MD player.

WAV or AIFF files on disc:

  • Any sample rate up to 96 kHz.

MP3 files:

  • On disc, USB flash memory or via email or FTP.

Quarter inch analogue open reel tape:

  • Without dbx or Dolby noise-reduction.
  • The following tape speeds are available:
    • 4.76 cm/s (1 7/8 ips).
    • 9.5 cm/s (3 3/4 ips).
    • 19.05 cm/s (7 1/2 ips).
    • 38.1 cm/s (15 ips).
  • The following recording formats are available:
    • Full track mono.
    • Half track mono or stereo.
    • Quarter track mono or stereo.

PCM on Betamax:

  • Sony 501 or compatible, PAL only.

Audio Cassette:

  • Audio can be transferred from a standard audio-cassette, but this is not recommended (if there is any higher-quality alternative) due to the generally inferior quality of cassettes and the compatibility problems associated with phase alignment and Dolby playback level.

Click here to see instructions for creating an Audio CD Master using Nero.

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