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Why Flash Duplication?

Flash duplication (also known as memory card or USB duplication) is the process of copying data such as music, video, software and marketing material onto digital memory cards e.g. USB drives. These memory cards can be used in devices such as computers, MP3 players, PDAs, GPS, camera phones etc.


Printed and loaded USB is one of the most effective promotional products available. They are highly portable and are available in a huge range of styles, shapes and colours. Corporate branding with your logo, service offerings and /or contact details offers a nice final touch. (Flash drive samples)


Flash drive capacity ranges from 512k (rare now) to 32GB and even 64GB. They are are extremely durable, most with data retention guarantees of 3-10 years.
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USB / Flash Services

CD-ROM Services offers a full range of memory stick services including: design, manufacture, print, duplication and distribution services for memory cards, flash memory, smart media, mobile memory, SD and USBs.

Hard drive duplication is also available and includes unpacking and repacking the hard drives duplicated.


We can duplicate onto all memory cards including:
USB, SD, SD-ULTRA, SDC, MMC, HS-MMC, RS-MMC, MINI SD, T-FLASH SM, Xcard. CF-TYPE I, CF-TYPE II, CF-ULTRA II, Micro DriveMS, MS(Magic Gate), MS-PRO(Magic Gate), (Magic Gate), MS-PRO-DUO(Magic Gate), *HS-MS-PRO-DUO(Magic Gate)

CD-ROM Services Pty Ltd are pioneers in memory card or Flash memory duplication and have written the Xcard software which is sold worldwide to duplicating services. We can also supply Aleratec card duplicators.

We do not keep stock of any flash media, ordering as needed, as prices are falling and capacity rising almost daily. We usually only SUPPLY IN MINIMUM QUANTITES OF 50, although there is NO MIMIMUM QUANTITY FOR FLASH DUPLICATION.

Autorun, password protection, copy protection and bootable, are all available for Flash, sometimes requiring special brands and extra cost.

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New USB Products

Flash Grade / Quality

Flash is available in different qualities. SCANDISK are the largest and best known manufacturers who also claim probably rightly to supply only AAA Grade. Many other manufacturers also claim, probably rightly, to supply only AA Grade. The problem is that too many AA Grade suppliers only supply a limited shape and colour range and often only with the manufacturer's logo already printed.

So if you want customised USB sticks, you will usually have to settle for A which are very good quality and suitable for most uses, except critical life support applications.

Not every application needs AAA grade, same as not everyone can afford or needs a Rolls Royce.

CDROM Services verify every stick that they duplicate, and where absolute reliability is important, for only a small extra cost, re-verifying a second time on another day. This ensures that the data appears safely on every flash card and that the card has retained the data.


There are several types of flash cards. Details of each are described below.

Flash Types

Secure Digital Memory Cards (SD)

SD are the most popular of the small cards. They are used in computers, phones, cameras, PDA's, video cameras, GPS, games and more. They are available in sizes of 1GB, with 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. Loading speed varies from 80x to 150x. But this is not material except for special high capacity needs. For computers, PDA, and GPS applications standard speed will usually be sufficient.

Micro Secure Digital Card (Micro SD)

These are the very small Flash cards, popular in phones, which need to be inserted into an adaptor the size of the SD card for duplicating, making them expensive to duplicate.

Compact Flash Cards

These are probably the second most popular Flash cards. They are a square shape. Their sizes range from 1GB to 32GB.

Memory Stick Pro Duo & Memory Stick Micro

These are used in Sony devices.

Press Release...

CD-Rom Services provides Flash duplication to the NSW Electoral Commission

"...The NSW Electoral Commission purchased about 2,500 Palm EZ PDAs, and internally wrote software to manage the 4,300,000 voter's names. 2,500 512Mb and 1GB SD memory sticks were then duplicated by CD-ROM Services Pty Ltd in Sydney in 3 days. Within a week of the roll being finalised, the PDAs were in the hands of the electoral officers..." Full article...

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