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USB Flash Drives
Prices (standard range)

USB packaging

Capacity: Our USB Flash drives sizes start from 512MB increasing to 32MB and soon 64MB.

Minimum runs:
- preprinted flash cards without surcharge: 100
- preprinted flash memory with $50 surcharge: 50

Discounts apply for larger quantities.

Availability: Not all shapes and colours are always available in all grades. Some shapes may cost extra.


USB Flash Pricing

Flash prices are falling steadily, so please ask for a quote.

About USB quality - VERY IMPORTANT

The pricing quoted is based on the media supplied of being good quality. Please supply a some extra media, as there are usually about 1% to 5% of media that will be faulty and cannot be loaded. Since we verify all loaded data, if the data is not loaded properly we will know.

There are very many small factories in China who supply USB and Flash memory cards. Many of these factories buy the cheapest quality materials to keep costs low.

When a lower quality material is used, the USBs may not load first time, or have to be formatted several times before they might accept data.

The bigger problem is that the data leaks out of low quality USB sticks, so although they may pass all the quality tests, after a few hours, or even weeks the data disappears or is unreadable.

When CD-ROM Services supplies USB media, we source it from a quality supplier, who supplies not only ourselves but several other members of the International Disc Duplicating Association world-wide.

Should our suppliers quality not be to standard, we would each let the other Association members know, so we can be sure that our supplier maintains the highest standards.

Please check with us that your SD cards are compatible with our equipment, and that they will be compatible with your users equipment, as there are new specifications and sizes that may not be compatible with both our and your clients readers.

About Flash duplication


Add $0.25 for each printed colour


$7.00 each for order of 100, less for larger quantities.

4 GB

$8.00 each for order of 100, less for larger quantities.

8 GB

$9.00 each for order of 100, less for larger quantities.


Uploading or duplicating onto Flash cards

Cost is $0.50c for up to 500MB, plus about $0.10 per extra 100MB.
This includes verifying data has been uploaded correctly to the card. The price per upload falls with the quantity ordered.

Add 50% to above rate to re-verify data, i.e. re-insert each card and check that the data has been retained on another day. We suggest this extra service when data on the card is important, as some card brands have a small data loss failure rate over time.

There is an extra cost of unpacking and repacking Flash drives if supplied in packaging or requiring the finished drives to be packaged.

There is a minimum charge of $50 per flash duplicating job.

If you are supplying drives supply 5% extra to cover faulty media if required.

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