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Eco-Friendly CD & DVD Cases

Do you want great looking, durable and user friendly CD or DVD packaging whilst still being kind to the environment? Then, consider one of our eco-friendly packaging options. All are 100% recyclable and promote environmental practices for consumers.

We have used cases that have been sent to us for recycling, and the best recycling program is to re-use. So if want these cases, some with labels or security tags attached, please visit our shop and take them for FREE. Sorry no shipping, only collection as you must select them yourself.

       Eco friendly CD & DVD cases

Polyproplene CD Case

Unlike traditional polysrtyrene CD cases, Polypropylene CD cases are 100% recyclable. They are available in a range of colours.

DVD Eco Box

DVD eco box for CDs & DVDs      DVD eco box - inside view

The DVD Eco Box is made with less plastic. The cut out 'recycle' logo promotes environmental concerns and practices for consumers. It is 100% recyclable and available in any PMS colour (min quantity applies).

Infini DVD Book

Infini DVD / CD book       Infini CD/ DVD book

Compared to your traditional Digipak the Infini CD/DVD Book uses less printed material, is more durable than traditional plastic and cardboard and is more user friendly for the end user. Trays are available in any PMS colour
(min quantities apply). A great environmentally friendly solution for 6 to 14 CD or DVD disc sets.

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