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About DVD Duplication Services

DVD duplication is copying data from one DVD, Flash memory or hard drive to one or many recordable blank DVD-R media using DVD writers.

Duplicated DVD discs can store not only video, but audio, data, software, pictures or almost anything that can be digitised.

CD-ROM Services wide range of services make the duplication process as easy as possible for you and do a great job with all your pre-mastering, packaging, disc, cover and inlay printing requirements.

You get the same friendly, helpful service regardless of whether your DVD duplication is just a few discs or thousands!

That's why our customers say:
"I wanted to let you know that I was not only satisfied, but the service exceeded my expectations. I also found you to be very helpful and professional and was especially impressed with your assistance."

"Dear Tim, Thanks for your prompt turn-around time. You have been above and beyond mate. It is highly appreciated. Thanks again for your assistance with this order. Have a wonderful day. Warm regards, Ali, Print Post Plus."

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Convenient location

CD-ROM Services are conveniently located at 66 Berry Street, North Sydney with street parking, and near trains and buses.

Clients are welcome to visit and see our facilities.

Alternatively, send your artwork through the internet, post or courier your disc content and we can arrange delivery Australian wide.

Quality service, quick turnaround

We burn onto premium brand, licensed discs, Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim to ensure that your DVDs will be compatible with all players and that they last a very, very long time. The last thing that you want, is to produce 100s of discs and then have your users unhappy because they do not work.

All production is carried out in-house by industry experts ensuring a quality product with a fast turnaround. DVD duplication can often be completed same day (or a few days), depending on printing processes and volumes required.

As Australia's most experienced and professional media duplicators our in-house resources include:

  • 2 in-house graphic designers for disc, cover and inlay design
  • Over 20 reliable robotic DVD duplicators and printers reducing human handling.
  • 5 different printing technologies to help you obtain a stunning result.
  • Copiers, cutters and trimmers for in-house cover and inlay printing.
  • A wide selection of cases and packaging always in stock.

With CD-ROM Services expert staff and huge capacity to duplicate discs, we have the resources to fully verify every DVD ensuring unmatched quality control.

Save with multiple masters!

Multiple Master discounts apply for duplicates of multiple masters where more than 20 copies of each is required.

This means that CD-ROM Services charge for the total number of DVDs duplicated at the same time. For example, if 100 copies of 4 originals were required, we would base our charge on the total number, 400 discs, and charge you just $1.40 per burning (when discs supplied by CD ROM Services).

Additional charges (at $90 per hour) may apply for setting up artwork files for multiple masters. Turnaround time may increase when multiple masters are involved.

DVD replication is the process of stamping CDs and DVDs, where the disc is manufactured in a press, after making a glass master, and then coated and printed. It is used for larger quantities, as it is cheaper than duplicating after you have covered your set-up costs, but takes longer.

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Further DVD Information

About DVDs

  • DVD duplicated discs can be used to store not only video, but audio, data, software, pictures or almost anything that can be digitised.
  • DVDs look blue/purple from underneath.
  • If you are preparing your own DVD video, test your disc in as many computers and players as possible. Some authoring programs do not create completely compatible DVDs.
  • DVDs will play in any computer fitted with a DVD reader and suitable software. For example if you are running XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 you may need to install codecs to run a video. Depending on the type of content, your DVD will play in a home DVD player.
  • DVD is an abbreviation of Digital Versatile Disc. Originally is was Digital Video Disc, but that was changed as it was felt to be too limiting a description.
  • A standard DVD disc holds about 4.7 GB of information, which is about 7 CDs.

Dual layer DVD / DVD-DL

Duplication of Dual layer DVD, or DVD-9, is not recommended, as we believe about 5%% of DVD players will not play dual layer duplicated video media. We therefore suggest that if you have more than 4.5 GB of contents, rather split it over 2 standard record able DVDs. The cost is about the same as 9 GB recordable DVDs are relatively expensive.

If you have a run of over 500 dual Layer discs, then DVD replication is the answer.

Quality caution

The use of inferior discs will cause some discs not to run on some machines. This is particularly true of duplicated DVDs. Our associate company transfer tapes and old movie films to DVD-R, and produces many thousands of DVD video discs that are played in thousands of home throughout Australia. However less than one in ten thousand may not be compatible with a very old DVD player. This is because we use only Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim media, which are a little more expensive, but well worth the extra cost.

DVD duplication vs replication

There are stories put out by suppliers who do not offer duplication services, claiming that replicated DVDs are superior in compatibility to duplicated DVDs. This may have been true over 10 years ago, because some now very old DVD players were not designed to run duplicated or recordable DVD-R, but all modern DVD players will play duplicated DVDs. The truth is that if a quality recordable disc is used, it will work everywhere and last as long as a properly produced replicated disc.

Although we can produce many thousands of DVD duplicated discs in a few days, for larger quantities DVD replication is usually a more cost effective solution.

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