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The Disc Manager does not appear to be available any more.

Store, Search and Find Discs Fast!

An automated carousel that provides a simple and efficient way to manage and protect your disc collection; and find any disc in seconds.discmanger100 single unit

The last price that we were selling the Disc Manager was AU$179. Plus $12.95 shipping in Australia. However sadly it appears that the company that supplied these units is no more in business. If you find where to get these units, please let us know as we regularly get enquiries.

Features Overview

Each unit could store up to 100 standard size discs of any variety (12cm diameter). This includes music CD's, movie DVD's, game discs, digital photography discs, data disc and more...

inside discmanager100

All power and data is transmitted via a single USB cable that connects to your computer. Manage, search and retrieve discs in a matter of seconds.

Included with each unit is the OpdiTracker software package which provides virtual online search to both your discs and their contents. Access can be password protected and your music CD content is automatically catalogued via the internet. Easily track discs loaned to others.

discmanger tower of 5

Capacity could be expanded by adding additional units. Create a tower of up to 5 units without needing any additional cables or wires. Manage up to 500 discs via one USB cable (connected to base unit). Using power hubs, connect up to 500 units (100 towers of 5) and manage up to 50,000 discs from a single computer.


$165 each for 3 or more units.

Includes OpdiTracker Standard software & USB cable.