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This information is not intended to be comprehensive. It is intended to give general information only. Any schools intending to copy musical works which are subject to copyright, are advised to see the relevant page on the APRA web site:

Most schools are covered by a licence that allows them to copy music that is subject to copyright. Schools that are covered include:

  • All Government schools.
  • Schools that are members of the Association of Independent Schools.
  • Catholic Education Office.

If schools are NOT covered by the licence, then they may take out individual licences whenever they wish to make a copy of copyright music.

What the licence allows:

  • Licenced schools may make recordings of live performances at the school, or may copy a commercial sound recording on the basis that the copies are distributed to students of the school to assist them in music class, or as a commemorative recording of a performance.
  • The licence allows schools to cover basic costs of materials. It does not allow the making of recordings with an intention to create a profit.
  • The licence allows the school to make a recording for its own archives, to be held on school premises.

Permissable school events:

The following list includes examples of events that would be covered by a licenced school. The list is not exhaustive:

  • A music concert held at the school.
  • A music concert organised by the school, but held at a different venue, where parents and friends of the school were invited.
  • A sports day where pre-recorded music was being played.
  • A school fete where either live music or recorded music was being used (and subsequently recorded).

Events which are NOT covered by the licence:

  • A dance festival run by an organisation other than a school or group of schools.
  • An eisteddfod (organised by an eisteddfod body).
  • A performance by a professional musician in a school.

We cannot copy an audio CD for your school unless you indicate to us in writing (using the school’s letterhead):

  • The purpose of the copies.
  • Whether discs will be sold to make a profit.
  • If your school is licensed to copy the musical works, or if not, an assurance that appropriate licences are being sought.