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The following is based on infomation supplied by AMCOS and ARIA on 23rd January 2002.

If you play music to the public as a DJ, you, or the venue, must have a current licence from APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association - 9935 7900).

The ownership of a licence from APRA does NOT automatically give you the right to RECORD your performance.

To record your performance you must obtain two separate licences. The licence from AMCOS is for the copyright that exists in the musical work (regardless of who has recorded it). Permission must also be obtained from each of the record companies whose work you have used, as they own the copyright of the actual sound recording.

There is no guarantee that a record company will give permission to use its work, as each artist needs to be asked for their permission and it is up to them to decide whether they will allow it to be used or not, and for what price. Also, it is possible that the record company may need to hear the mix you have created before they can give permission to use it.

We cannot copy your demo CD unless you can show us written permission to do so from all the relevant owners of copyright.