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CD-ROM Services sells and uses only quality licensed recordable CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, almost exclusively from Taiyo Yuden, the inventor of recordable CDs and the brand professionals prefer worldwide.


Taiyo Yuden (now owned by the Victor Company) is the only Japanese company still making blank discs, who together with Philips and Sony invented the recordable discs. Taiyo Yuden do not market to the general public, supplying most of their high grade production to select duplicators such as ourselves.

A good comparison would be like comparing Michelin tyres to others. With Michelin you pay more, but you getting a safer known higher standard material.

Verbatim discs are also available. These are the only 2 brands that we trust completely.

We supply blank Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim discs in bulk for orders over 100 units, plus packing and shipping by TNT couriers.

Smaller quantities (less than 100) can be collected Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from our offices at Suite 105, Level 1, 66 Berry Street, North Sydney

Printable Discs

CDs, DVDs, CDRs and Blu-Rays are available with a variety of printing surfaces such as inkjet silver, inkjet white, thermal, and screen printable. If disc printing is required, we can usually have them for you within a day or two of approving a sample.

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What makes a good disc?

In a nutshell...low BLER (Block Error Rates) in recordings.
A low BLER means the disc is:

  • more likely to play on more players especially older players
  • more likely to be useable over a longer period - improved longevity
  • less likely to fail when burning

Taiyo Yuden's BLER is usually about 1, Verbatim 1.5 and cheap media, even from so called good brands 40 to 60. This is because many well known brands do not manufacture their own media. They buy from the cheapest source, then re brand it. House brands or unbranded media usually have higher BLER rates again.



Taiyo Yuden

Please note that we can print or duplicate any quantity, but if you're just buying blank discs, Taiyo Yuden CDs and DVDs can only be shipped in lots of 100. Smaller quantities available over the counter in our shop at 66 Berry Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060, Australia,

Premium-quality matte white or silver-white

Inkjet CD-R:


$0.50 ea
100 or more: $0.45 ea

Premium-quality matte white

Inkjet DVD-R


$0.75 ea
100 or more: $0.70 ea

Premium-quality shiny silver or white blank

Thermal CD-R:


$0.50 ea
100 or more: $0.45 ea

Premium-quality glossy silver or white blank

Thermal DVD-R:


$0.70 ea
100 or more: $0.65 ea

Premium-quality GLOSS white Watershield Inkjet CD-R:


$1.30 ea
100 or more: $1.10 ea

Premium-quality GLOSS white Watershield Inkjet DVD-R


100 or more $1.35


CD-R Verbatim Consumer Audio Jewel Case -
Discontinued - no longer available


CD-R Verbatim 8cm 185MB Slim Case 10 Pkg

CD-R $1.00 each
50 or more: $0.95 ea

CD-RW Verbatim 80Min Slim Case 4x-1x 5Pk 


$1.40 ea
25 or more: $1.30 ea

CD-RW Verbatim 74 Min Slim Case 16-24x Pack of 5


$1.75 ea
50 or more: $1.65 ea

DVD-RW Verbatim 4.7GB Jewel Case  2x (version 1.1)


$1.80 ea
100 or more: $1.70 ea

CD-RW Verbatim 74 Min Jewel Case 2x-4x


100 or more $1.20

Important information

Verbatim consumer audio CDRs

Verbatim has ceased production of their Consumer Audio CD-Rs (Original Verbatim Product Code 43048, recent code 95015) with no immediate plans to produce any more. Therefore, we regret that we are unable to supply this product.

8CM & card shaped discs

8cm & card-shaped CD-Rs are suitable only for standard tray-loading mechanisms and top-loading portable players. They cannot be used in front-loading mechanisms such as car players and the new Macintosh drives, and cannot be used in CD caddies or multi-disc cartridges.

4X - 16X DVD-R media

4x -16x DVD-R are not suitable for use with DVD-R/RW drives unless they comply with DVD-R for General ver 2.0/ 4x-Speed DVD-R Revision 1.0. Please check your DVD-R/RW drive before using 4x - 16x DVD-R discs. If you use a 4x - 16x DVD-R disc in a 1x or 2x drive which does not comply, you may damage both the disc and/or the drive. If your 1x or 2x drive is incompatible with 4x - 16x media, there may be a firmware update available for your drive that will fix the problem.

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