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Recycling discs and casesCD-ROM Services suggest an environmentally friendly DVD and CD recycling service in which cases, printed materials and the discs themselves are all recycled.

Process: Send your discs are sent to a facility where the metallic coating is removed and the substrate (the plastic type material) is then recycled. The CD cases are recycled with other plastics and the paper is given to paper recyclers for processing.

Cost: This service is usually free.

We used to suggest that you send your discs to:
Australian Plastics Reprocessing,
at 7 Benley St, Wetherill Park, NSW 2164.. however they do not answer their phones or emails so they may have gone out of business. If you find anyone else in Sydney who recycles discs, please let us know!

We usually suggest that you separate the discs from their cases and printed papers before sending them.

In Victorie we suggest http://www.gramdestruction.com.au/index.htm.

CD-ROM Services Pty Ltd have moved to smaller premises, where we do not have space to store boxes, so send directly to Australian Plastics Reprocessing, at 7 Benley St, Wetherill Park, NSW 2164.

We do not accept video or magnetic tapes for recycling due to health and safety reasons, but Northside Paper Recycling Tel: 1300 888 487 Fax: (02) 9881 5355 Email: info@northsidepaperrecycling.com.au appear to offer the recycling of tapes.

We also ask that you use common sense in recycling materials. If the environmental cost of sending the materials for recycling seems to be greater than the environmental saving of recycling the discs, perhaps the wisest choice is to just add them to your garbage. The disc material is very inert and unlikely to do any damage to the ground water etc.

Green before it was fashionable

CD-ROM Services have been environmentally aware, long before it became fashionable. How...

  • A green voice: Our director Bernhard Kirschner has presented papers at IDDA - (The International Disc Duplicating Association) conferences in the USA suggesting methods and promoting the advantages of ecologically sound operations to duplicators internationally.
  • Green cases: We have a range of "GREEN" cases available for little if any additional cost to our regular CD & DVD packaging range. These cases are made with materials that are more easily recycled, and/or less material has been used in manufacturing process.
  • Recycling bags: We have always packed small jobs in recyclable brown paper bags, or re-used the disc packaging (boxes).
  • Saving power Long before carbon taxes and green power, we have been implementing techniques and software to save power, such as the ability to switch off computers remotely when they are finished their work.

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